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CSSRL Global Partnership Initative (GPI)- welcomes Indian and International Entrepreneurs in collaborating with CSSRL Laboratories in establishing Master Franchise / Region Exclusive Training and Research Centers or Extension Centers. Based upon liable supports, services and program offerings, Region Exclusive Extension Centers can be segmented into FOUR-TIER FRANCHISE MODEL.

CSSRL can be well introduced as an Autonomous Studies and Research Center incorporated under 1956 Company Act with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. Internationally CSSRL is well accredited with IADL (UK). It runs various Under-Graduate and Post Graduate Research based Degree and Diploma programs in Cyber Security, Network Administration, Network Forensics etc.

CSSRL Research and Service Segments offer finest Intellectual offering to corporates across the globe. CSSRL maintains strong foothold and credibility with Industrial Services like Web Application Penetration Testing, Critical Information Infrastructure Security, Risk Assessment, Threat Management and Digital Forensics. Apart from service offerings, the Research Segments at CSSRL performs high-end Cross-domain Research activities in Improved Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Cloud Threats and Security Protocol Implementation, Critical Infrastructure Testing Solutions etc.

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IT Security Training

Imparting High Quality Industrial training through a series of Professional Training Programs to IT Security Aspirants, Managers, Corporate Troopers, Cyber Defense Enthusiasts across Critical Domains in Cyber Space.


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Cross-Domain Research

CSSRL offers Cross Domain independent Research Opportunity to its Professional Security Trainees to provide vent to innovative, out of box thought process and development of techniques and technologies with Global Industrial Impact.


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Penetration Testing

As a gesture of CSSRL's endeavors to practically implement its knowledge base for Industrial Favor and bridge the gap of excellence and expectation between IT Security Training and Security Service and Product Industry, CSSRL offers most cost-effective yet Industry's Finest Penetration Testing and Risk Assessment Services.


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Security Assessment

To Serve Information Technology Industry best, CSSRL assists SMBs and MSBs to Assess and Audit their Critical IT Infrastructure Sectors as per Global Information Management Systems and Standards. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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